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How it works!

If you have suffered from unwanted behavior and you would like to talk to someone about it, you can contact one of the confidential counselors. You can choose who you contact. You can do this by sending an email or WhatsApp message. The confidential counselor will contact you within two working days. That is usually faster.

Make an appointment

The confidential counselor always first checks whether it is possible to call on a confidential counselor in your own organization. A confidential counselor may also be available there. If no confidential counselor has been appointed, or it is not appropriate for you to reach out to that person, the confidential counselor will make an appointment with you for a meeting.


The confidential counselor listens to your story and discusses with you what options you have. You discuss the pros and cons of each option. You are the one who decides what ultimately happens. It may also be that you are just venting and taking no further action. That’s fine, because you are in control.

Most conversations are by telephone or via Teams. If necessary, an appointment can also be made on location.


We do everything we can to help you as best as possible. If it turns out (during our conversation) that someone else can help you better or further, we will refer you to another professional.


The confidential counselor does not share any of the conversations with anyone else. Not even if asked. All conversations are and remain confidential.