Who’s it for?

Welcome. You have arrived at the central, collective disclosure office for undesirable behaviour in the Dutch cultural and creative sectors.

This disclosure office and the confidential advisors are independent. The disclosure office was initiated by various organisations in the Dutch cultural and creative sectors and is for everyone working in these sectors..

Who are we and what can you expect from us?

The confidential advisers work in absolute confidentiality. Feel free to call or email, you don’t have to do anything and we will not inform anyone else without your permission.
You can also contact us anonymously. Based on your wishes, we assist you with advice and action. It’s also fine if you just want to talk about your experience. We take the time to listen to you and can provide advice. If you want to take further steps, we will help you as far as you want. See: That’s how it works!

We are here for you if you have or have suffered from undesirable behaviour: sexual intimidation or sexual abuse, aggression and violence (including intimidation and abuse of power), discrimination or bullying. It doesn’t matter if it happened today, now, last week, or ten years ago.

Have you ever signed for “confidentiality”? Don’t worry, those kinds of nondisclosure agreements are usually worth little to nothing when it comes to unwanted behavior. In that case, do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss this together.

Our team of confidential advisers is a mixed and diverse team, each with a different background. You can choose who you prefer to speak with. We have backups, so you can always get someone on the line quickly if we are unable to respond immediately.

We are certified confidential advisors and have spent many a year talking to victims of undesirable behaviour on a daily basis. We have a duty to maintain confidentiality. We work for organisations in various sectors, but are independent. We do our work from the ‘De Vertrouwenspersoon’ (The Confidential Advisor) office.

All organisations that have signed this agreement are stating that they fully support this agreement and that they do not tolerate the undesirable behaviour described in the agreement. This disclosure office supplements the agreements already reached by the parties on behalf of those who are unable to be party to the existing agreements because they are ‘in between jobs’, for example, or fail to qualify as reporting individuals within the organisation in question for other reasons under this existing agreement, or believe they aren’t being heard or wish to report to someone else. Affiliated parties have reached agreements in order to realise this disclosure office. The agreements can be found in the agreement under How it works!